September 12, 2014

Bionic (and Boa Constrictor Strap) Wrenches Be Damned

To show that their product can withstand attack by tools commonly deployed in wheel thefts, the makers of Nutlock enlisted the aid of Chris, a starting football player for the University of Southern California. The jock towers over Nutlock entrepreneur Mikey Ahdoot and may very well be the "behemoth of strength" Ahdoot et al. claim.

It just doesn't matter. Though the Rocky theme plays in the background as Chris wields a succession of implements, no feats of athleticism unfold. No tool can gain purchase on Nutlock's conical nut; no tool can impart the mechanical advantage it was designed to provide.

I'd like to embed the testing video for your viewing pleasure, but I can't. I backed Nutlock's Kickstarter campaign last week, and the video I just described is part of a for-backers-only update that landed in my inbox on Monday. Seems like the footage would be better deployed trying to convince wafflers of the product's viability, but what do I know?

Here's a tool-by-tool (I had never heard of some of these things before!) rundown of Nutlock's thief-foiling capabilities:

toolhow it's deterred
bolt cutters
can't bite into the nut; can't get any leverage to turn
standard wrench
cone shaped face and open-ended cutouts mean no leverage
Gator Grip ETC-200
not enough pins fit into the cutouts, so, again, no leverage
needle nose pliers
slip off because of conical face and open-ended cutouts
bionic wrench
no leverage, since none of the six pins fits into a cutout
teeth can't bite into cone or cutouts
boa constrictor strap wrench
can't grab conical nut

With two more days before the Kickstarter campaign closes, you can still get in on the ground floor (and see the video described above). Check out them nuts!

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