September 29, 2013

What and Why

I am a victim of bike theft, but my story is not an extraordinary one. There was the cut cable lock; the same I-never-thought-it-would-happen-to-me feeling I imagine attends many an unplanned pregnancy; the boyfriend (and bike godfather) who almost hurled his phone away from him in anger when he received the bad news via text. ("My pissed off ness is out of control over this. I will calm down so I don't fucking scream right now.")
I was pissed, too, of course, and this blog is an outgrowth of that post-theft fury. Three imperatives loomed large after my bike was stolen, three imperatives I bet will resonate with anyone who has experienced bike theft. I wanted to 
  • recover the stolen bike,
  • better secure my bike in the future, and
  • avenge myself.
To serve not only my needs but those of its intended audience—anyone who has had a bike stolen, anyone who wants to keep a beloved bike from getting stolen, and anyone who dreams of striking fear into the hearts of bike thieves everywhere—Bike Thieves Beware will
  • aggregate stories of bike theft (fortuitous reunions, sweet revenge, tragic losses);
  • spread the word about innovations in bike security;
  • collect resources for victims of bike theft;
  • publicize efforts to curb bike theft; and
  • give readers the chance to share stories and strategies as well as weigh in on questions relevant to keeping our two-wheelers safe.
Let's do this!


  1. Please STOP tagging my Cannondale! I've parked it in the same spot in front of my office almost every weekday for over 5 years. During that time, co-workers' (less expensive) bikes that were right next to mine have been stolen.

    Why not mine? Because my bike is securely locked. I have a u-lock on the frame and hose clamps on my quick-releases. Clearly, the bike thieves recognize that my bike is securely locked and go on to easier targets.

    The fact that you've tagged my bike multiple times proves that you don't recognize what a secure bike looks like, and therefore don't know what you're writing about. Every time you tag my bike, you are yet again proving your ignorance.

    1. Wow. Sorry about that. I did a post about hose clamps ( after you wrote to me the first time, but apparently I have been tagging without regard for their presence... On the off chance that you haven't already destroyed the tag, please consider passing it on to someone who, unlike you, DOES need a primer on how to securely lock up a bike. Thanks!