May 26, 2016

You Know You Want One: The Lightest High-Security Lock Ever

If you're (1) into bicycles and (2) would like to hang on to your hard-earned cash, typing "bike" into the search field on Kickstarter's homepage is a dangerous act. Nonetheless, I risk it on occasion. 

My most recent peek at the crowdfunding scene's latest cycling-related projects turned up the 560G from Pennsylvania outfit Altor. This foldable, 1.23-pound lock made from Grade 5 titanium currently tops my must-have list. If you're prepared to covet one, too, watch the pitch below and check out the product's Kickstarter page for more information about the lock's portability and security, as well as the production timeline. The campaign, which has already garnered more than twice its funding goal, ends Monday.   

May 16, 2016

150 Decibels of Protection

From Yannick Read—the Brit behind the 'Bond bike' equipped with an ejector seat, snow-ready ski blade, and, to scorch motorists inclined to violate the 3-feet rule, flamethrowing handlebars—comes a Kickstarter campaign for "the ultimate alarm to protect your precious stuff."

The product's name—BIKE MINE—both hints at its explosive nature and telegraphs, in terse, Tarzan-style syntax, to whom the protected property belongs. Billed as "the world's loudest alarm," BIKE MINE is a battery-free, velcro-affixed way to ensure that the theft of your bike will rouse the neighborhood. Take a look: