August 21, 2014

Sucker Poles Are for. . .Well, Suckers

Sucker poles are a problem in the windy city of Chicago. What's a sucker pole? Well, according to Steve Vance: "Any sign pole that’s not embedded in concrete or securely fastened to the ground in another fashion."

Photographs helped me get the picture. I lifted the two below—which came with commentary already added—from fellow ad-free Blogspotter Chicargo Bike.


Basically, a would-be bike thief removes the bolts that secure a street sign pole to its base; a cyclist oblivious to the sabotage locks his or her bike to the compromised pole; and the thief lifts the pole, slips the lock off it, and rides off on the two wheeler. Not cool.

So don't be suckers, folks. Affix your bike to a bona fide bike rack or other substantial structure when possible and, if a pole is all that's available to you, make sure it's got all its bolts.

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