August 28, 2014

"Break Free from U-lock Tyranny"

Maybe you want me to cool it with the Kickstarter campaigns. Like the last one I told you about, though, today's crowd-funded impediment to bike theft has already reached it's monetary goal. The project will go forward whether you back it or not; no need, then, to feel guilt-tripped or solicited.

Anyway...Vier. It's California couple Allen and Paige Young's solution to the with-security-comes-bulk-and-unwieldiness problem. They like to emphasize that their "4-piece high security lock and shackle system...fits into a bag the size of a burrito." See for yourself (but be prepared for some light PDA at promo's end):

Vier's Kickstarter page provides additional information about the lock's construction and the project's timeline, as well as an indication of what the future could hold. "We see VIER as a platform for a new lock category," write Allen and Paige. Down the pike: custom shackle lengths, bicycle mounts, garage floor mounts, truck bed integrated locking rail ports, combination or wireless entry, color options... These two are poised to take the burrito bag and run with it.

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