September 3, 2014

A Widget!

Frequent visitors may have noticed a recent addition to the work-in-progress that is the BTB sidebar. The Bike Index widget allows users to check a serial number against those in the Bike Index database (newly merged, you may recall, with that of Here, for instance, are the search results for my two bikes:


I first encountered the widget over at VeloHut and enjoyed the assistance of none other than Bike Index founder Seth Herr himself in getting it up and running on Bike Thieves Beware. Such patience with my relative technological ineptitude! 

If you'd like to add the widget to your site, here's the relevant information and an adding-a-widget-to-Blogger how-to. If you need help beyond these resources, don't hesitate to contact Bike Index. The widget is a great way to boost use of the Bike Index service and, as StolenBikeRegistry's Bryan Hance said in a July interview with The Outspoken Cyclist, "The more people use it, the better it works and the more bikes we get back."

Amen to that.

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