September 30, 2014

Sit on Your Lock, Invites Seatylock

Perhaps, conscious of the very real problem of saddle theft, you remove yours when riding your bike in the city. If so, you probably carry the saddle with you as you go about your business. But what if your saddle, rather than itself potential loot, were part of the system that secured the real booty (your bike)?

Seatylock wants to make that dream a reality. Billed as "the first and only saddle that locks your bike," Seatylock is a saddle that transforms into a lock. I could write out the particulars, but you might as well just watch the Kickstarter pitch:

Scroll down on the project's Kickstarter page and, amongst a wealth of details, you'll find a video of Seatylock withstanding attacks by bolt cutters, a saw, and ice spray. lays out the product's various features and advantages. Armed with all this information, you ought to be able to decide before the November 14 Kickstarter deadline whether you want to be among the original backers of this seat and lock in one. Do you expect more from your saddle?

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