April 27, 2015

Won't Rattle as You Ride

As noted back in October 2013, my TiGr® lock is a real conversation starter. Motorists and fellow cyclists alike often ask me what it is, whether I like it, how much it cost. (Answers: a titanium bike lock, yes, $200)

Well, now the folks behind the elegant bike security often velcroed around my top tube have turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to launch a new product, the TiGr mini. They're calling it "the U-lock re-imagined." Here's the pitch:

Pledge by May 31 to get in on the ground floor.

April 23, 2015

Tackle Him!

Maybe you've come across the video while killing time online. A man in a pink shirt tears out of a house and tackles a guy on a bike. Both hit the pavement.

Here, courtesy of KEYE TV, is the story behind the viral vid:

The bike recovery's worth the "road rash," I'd say...

April 8, 2015

How NOT to Buy a Stolen Bike

What I tried to do in "Don't Supply the Demand: Vet Your Seller" back in December 2013, the folks at Bike Index (i.e. they of the serial number search widget at right) have now done more thoroughly, simply, and systematically.

Bike Index's Bryan Hance unveiled a "field guide" on Monday: How Not To Buy a Stolen Bike in Four Easy Steps. The guide presents in one aesthetically pleasing place the advice Bike Index regularly offers those looking to buy a used bike without receiving stolen property.

Check it out and pass it on. (What appears below is just the (hyperlinked) header.)

April 6, 2015


That bike theft task force Portland almost launched back in February but then didn't for nebulous reasons? Well, now it's official. The City of Roses has declared its commitment to reducing bicycle thefts by 50% in five years.

The announcement of the initiative even included a demonstration of proper locking technique performed on the steps of City Hall...

Check out EndBikeTheft.org for more information.

April 3, 2015

Fortified's Got Your Back

Fortified Bicycle hasn't debuted the promised anti-theft bike yet, but, in a Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday, the Boston-based company announced its latest product: Payback. It's a "bike seat security system with a Lifetime Anti-Theft Guarantee." Yours for $25: 

April 2, 2015

Got a Mnemonic for You

This reminder courtesy of the Annapolis, Maryland, police department, which recently announced an initiative to prevent bicycle thefts: P.E.D.A.L.

Photograph your bike, taking care to capture any unique features;
Engrave identifying information onto your bike frame;
Document your bike's particulars—from make, model, and color, down to frame size and serial number;
And [conjunctions get included only when it's convenient to do so...]
Lock your bike (we've been over this one).