October 1, 2013

TiGr: Elegant Bike Security

Readers of the post "Death to Bike Thieves" may have noted and had their interest piqued by a passing mention of a titanium lock. That would be the TiGr® I bought to help ensure that my new bike doesn't meet the same sad fate as the old one.

The TiGr appealed to me over other bike security options for several reasons:
  • While not impregnable—see the "attack video" embedded below—it is relatively hard to breach.
  • It is light-weight and can be affixed to the top tube for easy transport.
  • It is enough of a newcomer on the bike lock market that just its unfamiliar—and no-nonsense—look might suffice to make a thief move on.
(Which brings to mind something a fellow cyclist said to me last week at the bike rack behind the Tenleytown Whole Foods. He asked me about my lock, and I gave him the lowdown. "So thieves will take someone else's bike," he summarized. Damn it, I thought. I don't want them to take anyone's...)

1 comment:

  1. You're kind to a fault! You don't need to feel morally ambivalent about not protecting all the other bikes at the rack. (Though it will be cool if this blog helps prevent the theft of others' bikes too!)