August 19, 2014

"Ask Us About Our Nuts"

My boyfriend and I biked to a wedding over the weekend. (Great fun! I highly recommend it.) Due to a hasty departure, though, we arrived at the venue with only a TiGr lock and a cable (not what is typically called a cable lock even, just a cable with loops on both ends). We ended up wrestling the TiGr around both of our frames and a parking meter pole (fly-parking, to be sure, but what's a cyclist to do when there are no racks to be found?) and threading the cable through his front wheel and my back one before popping the loops over one of the TiGr's arms before locking. This left two wheels free for the relatively effortless taking, of course, but thankfully the criminal element of Bethesda, Maryland, let our less-than-stellar lock job slide.

Point being: Wheels are vulnerable.

Enter Nutlock. With a Kickstarter campaign running through September 15, Nutlock promises an inexpensive, convenient, and lightweight way to secure your bike wheels. Watch the pitch:

Maybe I'm being insufficiently skeptical, but I'm on the verge of pre-ordering a $39 "Nutlock Full Set" (feel free to try to dissuade me in the comments, if you're so moved). If you're unconvinced of the product's efficacy, though, or if you have some pre-purchase questions (concerned that even the "sleek design to complement your sexy bike" isn't stylin' enough for your ride?), the Nutlock team is happy to help: "Love us? Hate us? Want to party with us? Mail us a papaya? We're here for you." Email them at (Never mind that, last I checked, papayas don't email so well...)

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