February 2, 2017

Your Chance to Win a Carbon Wheelset or a Top-of-the-Line Lock

I'm decreasing my own chances of winning by telling you this, of course, but...

Project 529's 2017 Bike Theft Survey is live, and, by taking five minutes to answer it, you'll both (1) help the Portland-based outfit amass information they hope will enable "law enforcement, advocacy organizations and the cycling industry to better understand how the cycling community is affected by bike theft" and (2) enter the running for a SRAM or Zipp carbon wheelset or an ABUS folding or U-lock. Do it.

Project 529 should already be familiar to readers. BTB first covered 529 back in June 2014, and subsequently reported on both its wood-bound petition to require online sellers to include serial numbers on bike listings and its fruitful collaboration with officials in Vancouver, BC. Now, in a newsletter that went out Tuesday night, Project 529 has announced a merger: "National Bike Registry and 529 Garage have joined forces," exclaims the email's header, "creating the largest and most advanced bike registry in North America!"

So if you've previously registered a bike or two with either of these parties, take this opportunity to log on to the new post-merger site and make sure you're maxing out the services on offer. And if you still have a unregistered ride in your possession? Get on that!

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