December 18, 2014

Attention Mr. Buckmaster

So did you sign the petition? Project 529 reported last week that, in early December, it sent the CEOs of Craiglist and eBay the names of 51,203 cyclists who want the online sellers to require serial numbers on bike listings.

And the Portland-based outfit didn't just email the executives a big Word file. No. Each bigwig received via FedEx a wooden binder with the petition text and the signatures of the Project 529 staff laser etched on the cover.

"We need to grab the attention of the executives and attempt [to] convey the passion of 50,000+ cyclists in a physical manifestation," explains the webpage about the petition. "…and of course we live in Portland."

Need they say more? (They do. Here and here. Read it if you want to know more about the beauty of the binder shown in the GIF below or if you're curious how folks go about collecting so bloody many signatures.)

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