February 6, 2017

Ben*, Bike Hunter

Buy a VanMoof SmartBike and, if it gets stolen, the Amsterdam outfit will spend two weeks trying to track it down. If they fail to reclaim your bike in a fortnight, they'll replace it. BTB reported on this so-called Peace of Mind service—free for the first two years post-purchase—back in June 2016.

Now, with regular Medium posts, VanMoof is chronicling its bike recovery efforts. The Bike Hunting Broadcasts afford readers a "weekly peek into the wild world of VanMoof’s Bike Hunting Team."

This is the stuff of cinema (or at the very least, television): organized crime, just-in-time arrivals, high-tech gadgetry, international trafficking of stolen property, courageous crime fighters on the verge of losing hope...Casablanca, even!

So follow along, folks, and cheer the good guys on.

A VanMoof Bike Hunter fires up a tracker on the streets of Casablanca

*As VanMoof reiterates in each Bike Hunting Broadcast, their "Bike Hunters prefer to remain stealth and not use their real names."

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