June 8, 2016

Total Peace of Mind?

Looks like Boston-based Fortified Bicycle has some competition in the guaranteed-against-theft bike market.

You'll perhaps recall from its December Kickstarter campaign that Fortified promises to replace—within 24 hours, no less!—any one of its Invincible bicycles that thieves manage to steal or plunder for parts.

Well now Amsterdam's VanMoof is pledging to ship its city-ready cycles with a comparable helping of peace of mind.

"The VanMoof SmartBike is unlike any other bike," claims the company's website.
Not only will it ship with anti-theft parts and tracking that make it terrifying to bike thieves. If a thief is brilliant enough to get past all that, we promise to get your stolen bike back to you in two weeks, or we'll replace it.
The SmartBike costs more than the Invincible (early-bird prices of $1098/$1398 versus $399/$649), and is more tech-heavy, but the idea behind both offerings is the same: Bring to market a ride optimized not for setting speed records or shredding single-track, but for getting around the city.

Both bikes are now available for pre-order.

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