June 13, 2016

"Not every day you get to rope somebody that did something bad"

The story has been picked up by outlets from The Guardian to New York Magazine, so perhaps you've already heard: A rancher, astride a horse and handy with a lasso, took down a would-be bike thief in a Walmart parking lot in Oregon last week.

When Robert Borba, loading dog food into his truck, heard a woman cry that someone was making off with her bike, he didn't hesitate. Borba let his horse—Long John—out of the cattle trailer attached to his truck, and together the two of them pursued the thief, who, struggling with the bike's gearing, ditched the two-wheeler and attempted to make a getaway on foot.

Not on Borba's watch. The rancher and former rodeo regular brought down the fleeing man with a lasso around the legs and then dragged him to the end of the parking lot. The would-be thief grabbed a tree and tried to free himself, but Borba (1) kept the rope taut, (2) called 911, and (3) waited 15 minutes for the Eagle Point, Oregon, police to arrive.

"We've never had anyone lassoed and held until we got there," said Eagle Point Sergeant Darin May. "That's a first for me."

To read more or watch Borba describe the parking lot throw down, check out the Medford Mail Tribune's coverage of the incident.

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