February 27, 2017

Because of drunk boys and a dead phone

On February 5, the night of the Super Bowl, a road bike Josh Bowden had owned for 15 years went missing. 

The Pulaski County, VA Deputy Sheriff didn't notice the theft, however, until the bike reappeared two weeks later—with a note of explanation from the thief-turned-unauthorized-borrower:

Some steal bikes for fast cash or a drug fix, others because their so-called friends flake and strand them 16 miles from home.

Himself a father of two, Deputy Bowden wishes the 19-year-old would have knocked on his door and asked for help rather than swiping his bike for a solitary, wee-hour ride. Unsure how to reach the mysterious M to talk some sense into her, Bowden posted a public Facebook message in hopes that social media magic might bring his words of caution to the teen's attention.

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