September 1, 2016

"Ready to go Rambo to get that bike back"

This is just to say that you should read Christopher Solomon's Outside story "The Real-Life Superhero Who Beats the Cops to Bike Thieves." BTB brought you (courtesy of the Seattle Times and the Guardian) word of Bike Repo Batman back in March, but Solomon's got the fuller scoop.

"A year ago," it teases, "before the man they call Bike Batman began his work—before he headed out on missions around the Emerald City with a pocketful of cash and the cops on speed dial and a paladin’s sense of wrongs to be righted, before he’d rescued two dozen stolen bikes from the grubby fingers of the city’s thieves, before even anyone referred to him as Bike Batman—he was just an average-seeming guy in Seattle who liked to ride his bicycles."

Go read the rest. (But know that you might be inspired to undertake something akin to Bike Batman's vigilantism yourself. "Our thirst for justice," as Solomon writes, "runs strong.")

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