September 17, 2016

Another Bike Lock Contender

So for all my May coveting, I did not in fact fund Altor's Kickstarter campaign. The 560G titanium bike lock was to be the Bethelem, PA-based outfit's first ever product, and part of me didn't believe they'd pull it off...

Oh me of little faith! The 560G is now available on Altor's website not for pre-order, but for bona fide have-it-within-days purchase. My doubt cost me the early-bird discount, of course, but the 560G remains atop my must-have list.

I also, however, have my eye on yet another Kickstarter, this one for Ottolock, the "go-anywhere cinch lock." While Altor bills the 560G as "the world's strongest lightest lock" (thus likely angling for the same market share as the folks at TiGr), the Ottolock positions itself carefully between the two most familiar types of bike lock: "It's far more secure than a cable lock, and much lighter than a U-lock."

Actually, at 115 grams, the Ottolock is lighter than either a cable lock (350-1200 grams) or a U-lock (1200-2500 grams). It is not, however—and makes no claim to be—stronger than a U-lock. Which is all that gives my security-obsessed self pause.

Otherwise the Ottolock looks great. Super portable and apparently surprisingly strong. Even if you wouldn't trust it to keep your bike safe in a high-risk area or for long periods of unsupervised time, it might be handy to have for quick or unanticipated lock-ups.

Already supported by over 1200 backers to the tune of more than twice its fundraising goal, Ottolock is sure to be spotted on bike frames near you in the not too distant future... Will yours be one of them?

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