March 16, 2016

"I’m telling people: this is not yours."

The Guardian picked up the Bike Repo Batman story and secured the first interview with the vigilante they're calling simply "Bike Batman."

So to fill in some of the heretofore missing details:
  • Bike Batman is a 6'4" thirty-something engineer.
  • He began his bike recovery efforts in 2015.
  • BB is largely motivated by the desire to uphold Seattle's reputation as a friendly city.
  • Our hero does inform police of his meet-ups with sellers. In more than half of the 22 cases in which he has reclaimed stolen bikes, the thief has been arrested.
  • Bike Batman is not foolhardy; he admits that he once aborted a recovery mission for fear of being jumped by a group of suspected thieves. BB characterizes his actions this way: "I’m not out fighting crime and punching people. I’m telling people: this is not yours."
Want to know more? Read the Guardian's full story.

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