February 15, 2014

"If we do nothing at all, then we are all to blame"

If, heaven forbid, I ever get another bike stolen, I want the theft to occur in Austin, Texas. That way I'll be able to enlist the Sith Lord Vader Squadron to help me get it back. According to the group's open Facebook page, the mission of the S.L.V.S. is "to protect every cycle and cyclist from the grasps of the worse people on earth- BIKE THIEVES."

If your bike is stolen in Austin, you post a photo of it on the S.L.V.S. Facebook page, and members of the squadron will try to track it down on one of their weekly recovery rides.

"We use internet tools, logic and word of mouth to locate, recover and make sure the individual(s) in question gets the consequences they deserve (of course legally) to the highest extent," the Facebook page explains.

As the group's founder and president Michael Johnson told Austin's KXAN News, the Sith Lord Vader Squadron recovered 47 bikes in 2013:

Want to know more about the S.L.V.S.? Moving to Austin and wondering how you can join? Check out the Austin Post's story "Two Wheeled Justice: On Patrol with Austin's Bike Vigilantes."

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