February 7, 2014

Get Yourself a "Killer Wolf Dog"

I can think of two things people commonly leave chained (or tied—somehow affixed to something immobile) outside restaurants and convenience stores: bikes and dogs. Maybe anyone who owns one of each should consider using the latter to protect the former? (Assuming the pooch is sufficiently threatening, that is.)

As Mtbr reported on January 23, thieves recently relieved Santa Cruz Bicycles of $100,000 worth of high-end carbon demo bikes, cutting a chain link fence and dismantling padlocks to do so.

Apparently Mtbr's account of the theft got folks in the beach town of Santa Cruz riled and ready to assist in recovering the stolen property—or in exacting revenge against the thieves.

Mtbr quoted Santa Cruz Bicycles Media and Communications Manager Scott Turner: "Seems nothing brings a community together more than the prospect of some good-old fashioned vigilante justice, though we don’t condone that at all."

The same Mtbr post included a picture of a napping and very non-intimidating looking husky with this caption: "Santa Cruz has coaxed killer wolf dog Tag Heuer out of retirement to keep future would-be thieves at bay."

Now I can't swear to the seriousness of this threat, but enlisting a guard dog to frighten off thieves might not be a bad idea. I'd throw my bolt cutters back into my bag pretty quickly if withdrawing them had sent a sizable canine snarling fang-faced in my direction...

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