May 31, 2017

"Cyclists look out for each other"

Earlier this month, one New York City bike thief decided not to mess with this guy:

Cro-Mags singer (and plant-fueled triathlete) John Joseph, that is.

On a post-meal stroll on May 9, Joseph recounted on Facebook, he saw "this scumbag about to break a lock using a long pipe on two nice bikes."
So he comes up in my face, trying to be hard and asks for a cigarette. I'm like 'Yo step the fuck back dude.' Which he does after he can tell I ain't no East Village import new jack sucker. 
Joseph on a night ride in Central Park, summer 2015
Although the would-be thief then retreated to his nearby lodging, Joseph, "being a cyclist and old school New Yorker," stood guard over the bikes until their owners returned.

"Said scumbag," watching from his stoop, was subsequently picked up by police, his activities having been reported by another onlooker. Apparently he was a serial bike thief.

"So the moral of the story," Joseph concluded his tale, "if i see your ass stealing a bike - I'm stopping you. Cyclists look out for each other, that's what we do."

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