December 5, 2016

"Thank you...for returning it"

For anyone in need of a feel-good story fix, here are a few:

1. Maybe you saw Mara Abbott come oh-so-close to winning the women's road race in Rio in August. The cyclist was in the news again late last month when her gold-colored Blue brand commuter bike went missing from outside her Boulder, CO home. The theft was her fault, Abbott said, since she'd left her ride unlocked, intending—but forgetting—to secure it in her carport after grabbing a bite to eat. Abbott's bike theft story had a happy ending, however: A Boulder man who'd read a Daily Camera piece about Abbott's loss spotted a two wheeler that looked like hers and reported it to police. Abbott was so thrilled to be reunited with her ride that on her way home from the police station she stopped for a celebratory doughnut. "I was jumping up and down and maybe crying a little because I was so happy," she told the Daily Camera.

2. James Brewster is nine, and his father died a little over a year ago, on November 29, 2015. The day before the one-year anniversary of Mr. Brewster's death, a silver mountain bike was stolen from outside young James’s home in Pinebank, Craigavon, County Armagh, Ireland. The bike was the last present Brewster had given his son. James's mother Una launched a Facebook appeal pleading for the bike's return, and it worked. Twelve hundred shares later the bike materialized in the Brewsters' yard. When James came home after Gaelic after-school club (!) he could hardly believe his eyes: "I actually looked at the bike and didn't think it was really there," he told the Belfast Telegraph. "I thought I was dreaming." (Watch Una's video of James's reunion with his bike.) 

3. Bike Index put out its full rundown of November bike recoveries yesterday, and photographic documentation of an early December recovery caught my eye. Nicely composed shot, eh?

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