February 17, 2016

'Bolt cutters' is not, in fact, one word

What to do when a man approaches you pushing a bike with one hand and wielding bolt cutters in the other? 

Seattle's Scott Gamble opted to give the "crackhead" (Gamble's word) $20 for the Trek 620 in question, hoping he'd be able to reunite the bike with its rightful owner. 

Gamble's Craigslist ad—which cautions would-be bike claimers that they'll have to furnish details to convince him of their legitimacy—has yet to bring the owner forward, however. 

So is the late-80s model Trek in fact "not a special bike" as KIRO 7's Gary Horcher had the cheek to suggest in the station's segment on Gamble's action? Here's hoping that whoever has tuned, cared for, and tooled around the Emerald City on this ride connects with Gamble soon. 

One of my favorite parts of this story, oddly, is the correction appended to Gamble's ad. Apparently he first wrote "bolt cutters" as one word and was informed—by someone trolling Craigslist??—of his error. "However 'crackhead' according to merriam-webster.com is a single word meaning 'A person who smokes the illegal drug crack,'" writes Gamble, "so I hit that one out of the park. Go me."

Go you indeed.

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