May 4, 2015

"YouR Bike wAs STOLEN BUT WE Caught the guy"

I so wish I knew more about the story behind this photo. 

Here's as much as I can piece together: Someone left his or her bike locked to or propped against a white birch (I think...) on or near the campus of Trinity College Dublin. Someone other than the owner made off with the bike, but didn't get very far: Trinity College security guards accosted the would-be thief, took the bike for safekeeping, and left a note apprising the bike's owner of what had gone down and how to collect the thankfully-not-stolen property.

I hereby second the sentiment expressed in The Daily Edge: "We salute you Trinity security guards, and commend your legible handwriting and careful use of thumb tacks." 

(And credit to Janet Newenham for taking and distributing the photo.)

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