January 20, 2015

Rubber-Coated Flanges, Y'all

Sacramento-based Park A Bike is making inroads into Portland, Oregon, shaken recently by the revelation that thieves can saw through its ubiquitous staple racks.

Nine of the company's Varsity Bike Docks have been installed in front of a commercial building at the intersection of SE Hawthorne and 17th.

The Varsity has wheel troughs and rubber-coated upper flanges and is, BikePortland.org reports, made of tubing twice as thick as the staple rack stuff.

Gina Carlson, whose $2,000 Trek was stolen this month when someone sawed through a staple rack and slipped it off, welcomes the new racks—and her new bike. Park A Bike president Christopher Luyet had been negotiating with a Portland building owner for weeks when Gina's story hit the news. Luyet told the potential buyer that, if he purchased the bike docks, Park A Bike would get Gina a replacement ride. Apparently this sealed the deal.

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