March 12, 2014

Coming Soon to a Poorly Locked Bike near You

I started tagging recently. Not the kind that involves aerosol cans and a talent for bubble lettering, though.

Along the lines of what I hinted in last Thursday's post, I've begun affixing tags—laminated pieces of paper—to bikes I spot on the street and deem insufficiently secured. A bike with only its frame locked, say, and anything relying solely on a cable "lock," for sure. I rubberband a tag over the bike's seatpost or around its handlebars. The first batch of tags features both a scannable QR code that takes the scanner to my post about Hal Ruzal's locking advice and an older-fashioned text version of BTB's URL. I've got two goals, one self-serving and one not: I want to both drive traffic to BTB and coax folks to better safeguard their bikes. I'll be traveling for work over the coming months—to Atlanta and Denver and Portland, OR—and I just might tuck some tags in my carry-on.


  1. you tagged my bike without noticing.that my wheels are secured.with hose.clamps. i've had my bike locked at that spot every day for years. Colleagues have had their bikes stolen from spots right next to mine several times, but they havent taken mine. I think you need to learn a bit more about securing bikes.

    1. Indeed I do! Need to learn more about securing bikes, that is. Thanks for the tip about hose clamps. I'll look into that and do a post.