January 6, 2014

I Stole Your Bike to Hit Festivals Soon

Thanks to Marcos for tipping me off to the December DCist post about a new documentary in the works. Southern Maryland brothers Christian, Stephon, and Joshua White shadowed an unnamed but supposedly quite active bike thief around Washington, D.C., filming his actions for a movie they're calling I Stole Your Bike. Check out the trailer:

There may be, as the Washington Area Bicyclist Association's Greg Billing says in the Fox 5 News story about the documentary, "a fine line between glorifying bike theft and using it as an educational tool," but the White brothers, who say their film "will reveal how to 100% secure your bike from future bike thieves," believe they're "going to aid a lot of people in the end."

I Stole Your Bike is slated to be finished this spring.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this - I want to see the documentary and hope the police do as well.